About us

The driving force behind Delfthuis Antiques (Delft House) is Rick Erickson. Working within the antiques trade, Rick has had ample opportunity to see, handle, buy, collect and sell a considerable amount of antique Delft as well as 20th Century pieces. Rick lectures about Delftware upon request, and in 2000 mounted a major exhibition (see link). Years ago buying the occasional piece of Delft to help a close friend build a collection, he realised most publications about Delftware were out of print, in Dutch, and dealt with only 17th and 18th Century pieces, mainly in museums. So he set about going up a very steep hill to find out much more about 19th and 20th Century Delftware and change things. The many years of collecting, researching and writing have now come to fruition with the publication of a new book about Royal Delft.

Assisting is Peter Cameron, who usually cheerfully avoids tripping over piles of plates, handles much of the business side of things, and spends most of his holiday time searching for special pieces in Holland. Lastly are Jean Paul and Francois, the lucky felines who seem oblivious to the Delft unless it holds their favourite cat food. All are based just outside London, near Heathrow Airport.

It should be noted that we do not have any official or commercial connections with Porceleyne Fles.

We hope you enjoy your site visit and please feel free to contact us at tegel@delfthuis.com.

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