Royal Delft: A Guide to De Porceleyne Fles

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Over the last 30 years exhibition catalogues have been written in Dutch for exhibitions of Porceleyne Fles in Holland. The catalogues were mainly concerned with rare and museum-quality pieces, and are now long out of print. Years ago Rick bought the occasional piece of Delftware to help a close friend build a collection. He quickly realised how little information about Porceleyne Fles was available. This initial interest was followed by years of research in the archives and at the Porceleyne Fles factory.

Hands-on experience at antique shops, markets and fairs throughout Europe and America, and now on the Internet, has led Rick to examine many thousands of pieces in great detail, comparing them with the extant historical material; a real labour of love. Ralph Julsing, editor of the Delftse Post, described Rick's work as "monnikenwerk" (literally "monk's work"). The Porceleyne Fles factory has kindly allowed Rick access to historical material for this book. Likewise fellow collectors and dealers near and far have assisted. The result is the first major book in English about Porceleyne Fles, and certainly the first comprehensive guide: a book that will be an important reference, giving enjoyment to collectors for many years to come.

The book

Royal Delft: A Guide to De Porceleyne Fles is a a real collector's guide aimed at all collectors from novice to serious. It contains over 800 photographs (almost 700 in colour), many historical photographs, and reprints from factory sales catalogues. The book includes a goldmine of information about the thousands of different pieces made by Porceleyne Fles, as well as details about factory marks, year codes, and over 400 painters' signatures, plus a guide to current value and rarity. The hardbound book has 300 pages.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Ilja van Haaren, President of De Porceleyne Fles
Historical Foreword by Paul Labouchere (Grandson of Abel Labouchere and Officer and adjunct-director 1969-88)
Introduction by Rick Erickson
Part 1Background
Chapter 1 History and Background of Dutch Delftware
Chapter 2 History of De Porceleyne Fles 1653-1876
Chapter 3 History of Joost Thooft & Labouchere 1876-1940
Chapter 4 History of Royal Delft 1940-present
Chapter 5 Research sources and Model Numbers
Part 2Porceleyne Fles products
GuidesPrice and Rarity
Chapter 6 Tableware
Chapter 7 Garnitures, Covered and Ornamental Vases
Chapter 8 Jugs and Beer Sets
Chapter 9 Jardinières and Flower Vases
Chapter 10 Wall Plates and Dishes
Chapter 11 Commemorative Plates
Chapter 12 Diverse Items
Chapter 13 Appliques, Tiles, and Tableaux
Chapter 14 Products Made for Other Companies
Chapter 15 Other Styles and Techniques
Chapter 16 Understanding Porceleyne Fles Marks
Chapter 17 Collecting Delftware
Appendix Sales and Promotional Photographs c.1880-1930s
Painters' Signatures

Sample Pages

Cow dinnerware, page 47. Nieuw delfts, page 218. Art deco plates, page 115.

Where to buy the book

Signed copies are available directly from the author at In the USA copies are available from Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. (, from many antiques and collectors fairs, and may be ordered from most local bookstores. In the UK copies are available from the author and from many antiques and collectors fairs. In the Netherlands copies are available from the Porceleyne Fles Factory, selected antiques dealers, and many retailers in Delft. In Europe the book is distributed by Bushwood Books, Kew Gardens, England (email: Online bookstores at Amazon and Ebay also sell copies.

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